Proper Car Maintenance

  • Checking tires


Tires should be properly inflated according to specified manufactures limit. During tread wear, identified by indicators showing between the treads tires should be replaced.


  • Changing oil


Change the oil after attaining the manufacturers claim limit. this should be done regularly.


  • Checking brakes, belt, and battery


Brake pads should be replaced periodically to maintain maximum braking efficiency. If any problem arises take immediate checkup for your brakes


Belts should be checked regularly for tear, loose and tension. Loose belts make squealing sounds and should be immediately checked.  A battery should be checked for corrosions and cleaned. Running the battery down should be avoided. When replacing your battery also check your alternator to make sure it is functioning properly.


  • Checking fluids


Coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer’s fluid, brake fluid among others should be checked regularly.


  • Changing air filter


Change your car’s air filter regularly to increase fuel-efficient, reduce emission and prolong engines life.


  • Windshield wipers


Replace the blades or the entire wipers mostly once a year. If one drives mostly in wet weathers conditions apply water repellent treatment to the windshield.


  • Lights


Ensure that all lights be it external e.g. headlights, indicators etc. and internal lights that gives warning such as engine light, services engine light, electrical light, brake lights etc. are working. Broken indicators bulbs should be replaced.  


Importance of proper car maintenance


  • Improve safety – Car maintenance help to improve safety while driving to reduce the fault of its own. Just like any appliance, one needs to know how to care for a car. Knowing the natural oven cleaning method can help you save tons of money. 
  •  Enhance reliability and performance- This help to attain optimum functionality of those parts
  • Higher resale value – Well maintained cars have a high resale value and attractive to customers
  • Reduce repair cost – Well maintained cars do not call for more repair. This will help to lower the repair cost. Performing regular maintenance will help to avoid costly repair from major problems.
  • Contribution to clean environment – Ensuring proper car maintenance will ensure that the engine oil is not burnt and everything runs smoothly and no leakage will contribute to clean environment.